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Aromatics for Animals

Aromatics for Animals-Giving VOICE to animals allowing them to express their true needs through self-selection of natural remedies.

I have always felt that  humans are not unique in having conscience, nor in having the ability to carry out intentional behaviors.  

Animals are sentient beings, who deserve to be "heard" and have our compassion and empathy. 

Hi, I'm Jeannette Kok

Aromatics for Animals-Being able to help animals is something that fills me with satisfaction every day.

I understand applied zoopharmacognosis as the method that gives animals a voice and allows them to express, through their smell, what they need to find balance again.

Did you know?

-Animals have an innate instinct that guides them towards the plants they need to regain physical and emotional balance

-And that domesticated animals have also maintained the ability to self-medicate if they are offered a variety of natural remedies. 

-And that the science that investigates and supports this behavior is called ZOOFARMACOGNOSIS?

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Aromatics for Animals

Free resources to take care of your animal in a natural way.

Natural care for the Senior Dog

let your dog tell you what he needs

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4 Common Herbs to Relax Your Cat

Do you live in a flat or do you have a nervous cat and you want to treat it to an aromatic garden?

" You cannot share your life with a dog or a cat and not know perfectly that animals have personalities, minds and feelings"

                                                                               -Jane Goodall

some testimonials

I highly recommend this course and I thank Jeannette for the great work she does in making known applied zoopharmacognosis in Spanish. 

Thank you for helping heal from the inside out!

Mary garcia


Thanks to zoopharmacognosis, I managed to get my adopted dog to eliminate fear at its roots and trust men since when she went out to the street she would block.

Also with cats I have had wonderful successes, a cat that had been under a sofa for 3 months and with just one session came out and began to lead a normal life. Thank you Jeannette for your work and for opening the doors of your house to me.


animal therapist at Momo Bitxitos

The course has seemed amazing to me. It is very interesting and the different classes are followed very well, you explain it so well that it is perfectly understood. The truth is that it is a very good course, I have learned a lot.

It has been a pleasure Jeannette.

Marina Turner


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